Couples & Relationship Therapy in Decatur, Georgia

Are you longing for the days when your relationship was easy and fun?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to make it better and nothing has worked?

Have you had it with having the same fight over and over again?

Or do feel like you have become nothing more than roommates?

If you are struggling with your relationship, you are in the right place!

Who we are

You don’t have to struggle alone. We want to guide you through this.

At Plum Tree Counseling, we have licensed clinicians on staff who are ready to help you get unstuck and create a clear map for moving forward in your relationship. There is hope!
Our Values

Perseverance and hope.

The plum tree is a symbol of perseverance and hope, beauty thriving in adverse circumstances, and the promise of fruitfulness after transition.

To turn hurting relationships into thriving ones


To recover from the pain of a relationship that ends

Our Services

Relationship Counseling

How it works

Book a free 10-minute consultation

Let’s start with a complimentary video or phone discovery consultation to determine if we’re am the best fit for you.
Book a free consultation

Schedule a 10 minute video or phone discovery consult to determine if I am the best fit for you.


Create a treatment plan

Meet in person or online, and together, we will develop and tailor your treatment plan to achieve your goals.


Get continued support

Schedule ongoing appointments so we can keep working toward your goals and get continued support.


Hopeful, professional, and licensed clinicians who you can trust

At Plum Tree Counseling, we believe this represents turning hurting relationships into thriving ones, as well as recovering from the pain of a relationship that ends.
Why choose us

There is hope!

Feeling better is just a click away.

Learn how to talk to each other so that your partner finally hears you.


Experience the connection with each other that you crave.


Find the intimacy that you did in the beginning … or even better!


Decide with clarity the direction of your marriage.


Experience joy in your relationship again.

Feeling better is just a click away.

You deserve a loving and connected relationship! Don’t wait another day. Give us a call or book online immediately.

What people are saying

We always protect the identities of our clients. With that being said, here are a few unsolicited endorsements from professionals who know us.