Divorce Support & Recovery Counseling in Decatur, Georgia

Divorce Support & Recovery Counseling

You didn’t get married with the expectation that you might get divorced one day. The process is painful no matter who is making the decision. Divorce support and recovery counseling can help you navigate these turbulent waters.
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A woman going through divorce support and recovery counseling.

Divorce support and recovery counseling can help if you are

  • Preparing to start the divorce process.
  • Trying to find the right way to tell your spouse.
  • Being forced into divorce by your spouse.
  • Actively going through the divorce process.
  • Trying to recover and get your life back after the divorce is final.

Getting divorced can elicit feelings in you and behaviors in your spouse that you have never seen or imagined possible. Michelle Crosby from Wevorce says, “These feelings can blind us to reality, compelling us to fling painful words or do things we know — rationally — we shouldn’t. It can feel like an out-of-body experience.”

The benefits of divorce support and recovery counseling are

  • Receive guidance and support as you manage through the process.
  • End your relationship “well” and with integrity.
  • Heal your grief, feel good again, and feel optimistic about your new future.
  • Remember what is wonderful and lovable about you.
  • Feel prepared for a new and healthy relationship when you are ready.

If you are uncertain if you want to divorce, or if you and your partner are trying to decide if you want to work on or end your marriage, Discernment Counseling may be right for you.

Plum Tree Counseling is LGBTQIA+ affirming.

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At Plum Tree Counseling, we believe this represents turning hurting relationships into thriving ones, as well as recovering from the pain of a relationship that ends.
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Feeling better is just a click away.

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